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In it's second year, the award ceremony for the prestigious Anticoagulation Achievement Awards was hosted by Lyn Brown MP and Chair of the All Party Group for Thrombosis, in the Terrace Pavilion, House of Commons on Wednesday 10 October 2018

The Awards were presented by an eminent panel of representatives from the House of Commons, leading healthcare leaders and the World Thrombosis Day Committee.

The awards celebrated outstanding practice in the management, education and provision of anticoagulation across the UK.

  • Lyn Brown MP presented the 'Best resources for sharing information about anticoagulation therapy for patients and carers' Award to winners Guys & St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust
  • Frances Akor, Consultant Pharmacist, Anticoagulation, Imperial College Healthcare presented the 'Best comprehensive management centre' Award to The Ambulatory Thrombosis, Atrial Fibrillation and Anticoagulation Service Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust, West Middlesex Site
  • Dr Campbell Cowan Consultant Cardiologist presented the 'Centre best able to demonstrate adherence to NICE Quality Standards for Atrial Fibrillation' awards to:
    • Redbridge CCG [Highly Commended]
    • Sentinel Health Care [Commended]
    • Affinity Care [Commended]
  • Professor Roopen Arya, Professor of Thrombosis and Haemostasis at Kings College Hospital London presented the 'Best work in the prevention of Hospital Acquired Thrombosis (HAT)' Award to Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. Further submissions of note were:
    • Whittington Health Trust [Highly Commended]
    • Abertawe Bro Morgannwg University Helath Board (ABMUHB) [Highly Commended]
    • Ashford and St Peters Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (ASPH) [Commended]
  • Professor Annie Young, Professor of Nursing at Warwick Medical School, presented the 'Best Work in the Treatment of Cancer acquired Thrombosis (CAT)' to Royal United Hospitals, Bath
  • Helen Williams, Consultant Pharmacist for Cardiovascular Disease, London, presented the 'Best on-going management of thrombosis by a community based or primary care service' Award to Liverpool Anticoagulation Service
  • Louise St Germain Committee member of World Thrombosis Day, presented the 'VTE Hero Award' to Sister Katie Bishop, Anticoagulation Nurse specialist at Basildon & Thurrock University Hospital
  • Sir David Amess MP Southend West, presented the 'Unsung Hero Award' to Dr Jason Kendall, Consultant in Emergency Medicine, North Bristol NHS Trust
  • Lyn Brown MP presented the 'Judges Award' to Andrea Croft, Lead Advanced Practitioner at the Princess of Wales Hospital, Bridgend, Wales

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Anticoagulation UK (ACUK)

Anticoagulation UK (ACUK)

A UK registered charity founded in the year 2000. We work with patients, healthcare professionals, NHS trusts, Industry, Governments, other charities and patient groups and a wide range of other organisations.

Our Aims are: The prevention of thrombosis; The provision of information, education and support; The promotion of independence - supporting people to take an active part in their own healthcare.

Visit website

AF Association (AF Assoc)

AF Association (AF Assoc)

A UK registered charity which focuses on raising awareness of atrial fibrillation (AF) by providing information and support materials for patients and medical professionals involved in detecting, diagnosing and managing atrial fibrillation.

AF Association works closely with medical professionals, Department of Health, government, NHS Trusts, strategic health authorities, patients, carers, patient support group members and allied groups.

Visit website

Thrombosis UK

Thrombosis UK

A UK registered charity that is dedicated to promoting awareness, research and care of thrombosis.

Established in 2002, Thrombosis UK works closely with government, NHS, healthcare professionals and patients to inform and support the implementation of clinically informed, effective and patient centred care to prevent and protect individuals at risk of venous thromboembolism (VTE) and to promote best management of those who have suffered a VTE.

Visit website

Arrhythmia Alliance (A-A)

Focusing on working together to improve the diagnosis, treatment and quality of life for all those affected by arrhythmias.

A-A is a coalition of charities, patient groups, patients, carers, medical groups and allied professionals. Although these groups remain independent, they work together under the A-A umbrella to promote timely and effective diagnosis and treatment of arrhythmias.

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Arrhythmia Alliance (A-A)

Anticoagulation in Practice (AiP)

Anticoagulation in Practice was established approximately seven years ago and comprises healthcare professionals and patients interested in the area of anticoagulation. Healthcare professionals include GPs, practice nurses, pharmacists, healthcare scientists, haematologists, community nurses and anticoagulation specialist nurses.

Previously a collective of special interest groups, the AiP Society has developed into a more robust body, unifying the concerns of both healthcare professionals and patients into a single organisation.

Contact Us
Anticoagulation in Practice (AiP)

National Centre for Anticoagulation Training (NCAT)

NCAT - The National Centre for Anticoagulation Training NCAT was founded in 2005 as a training and education resource for health care professionals involved in cardiovascular, thrombosis and anticoagulation management. NCAT has been developed to meet the educational needs of all health care professionals involved in anticoagulation management and provides CPD accredited course to support and further:

  • Training
  • Research
  • Spotlight Hot topics
  • Run educational events
  • Provide support materials and resources to accompany training

Course provided by NCAT are developed for a wide range of health care professionals including General Practitioners, Practice nurses, specialist nurses, nurse practitioners, district nurses, pharmacists and dieticians.

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National Centre for Anticoagulation Training (NCAT)


Applicants are invited to apply for one or more of the categories.

Awards will be presented in The Houses of Parliament on Wednesday 10th October 2018 by Lyn Brown MP and members of the Judging Panel.

Best comprehensive thrombosis management centre

Best resource sharing information about anticoagulation therapy for patients and carers

The centre best able to demonstrate adherence to NICE Quality Standards for Atrial Fibrillation

Best work in prevention of hospital acquired thrombosis (HAT)

Best work in the prevention and treatment of cancer associated thrombosis (CAT)

Best work in the prevention & treatment of VTE in pregnancy and the puerperium

Best on-going management of thrombosis by a community based or primary care service

VTE Hero (invite nominations from HCPs and Patients)


Anticoagulation Awards Judge | Dr Chris Arden

Dr Chris Arden

Chris Arden is a GP near Winchester, Hampshire. He also works in a community cardiac clinic in Southampton as a GPSI in cardiology, assessing patients with suspected heart failure, atrial fibrillation, palpitations, hypertension and valvular heart disease. He has BSE accreditation in echocardiography.

The community cardiac service provides echocardiography, ambulatory ECG, blood pressure and event recorder monitoring; receiving consultant mentorship support from secondary care and working in partnership with specialist heart failure and cardiac rehabilitation nursing colleagues.

Chris Arden is Editor in Chief of the Primary Care Cardiovascular Journal, a member of the Primary Care Cardiovascular Society, British Society of Echocardiography, British Society of Heart Failure and British Heart Valve Society. He is on the editorial board of the British Journal of Cardiology.

Anticoagulation Awards Judge | Sue Bacon

Sue Bacon

Sue is a Nurse Specialist in thrombosis and anticoagulation and the Lead Anticoagulation Nurse with North Bristol NHS Trust.

With extensive experience in thrombosis service development, service management and embedding patient-centric care, Sue is now responsible for managing services supporting North Bristol Trust to ensure the safe and appropriate management patients requiring anticoagulation therapy.

Anticoagulation Awards Judge | Dr David Collas

Dr David Collas

I started as a Consultant at Watford General Hospital 20 years ago and developed the stroke service shortly afterwards, starting with an AF clinic to promote the use of warfarin in stroke prevention, then very much underused. I also developed the VTE service and trialled the venometer device for the early detection of DVTs.

We opened our Acute Stroke Unit in 2004 offering thrombolysis from 2006 and we moved over from warfarin to NOAC for stroke prevention in AF in 2012. We have presented our evolving experience of using old and new anticoagulants at a variety of international meetings between 2012 and 2014 (European and Nordic Stroke Conferences , Heart & Brain, and the World Stroke Congress, and these have been published in Cerebrovascular Diseases, Gut and the International Journal of Stroke). Watford has participated in several anticoagulant stroke trials – CLOTS, NAVIGATE-ESUS and currently PRESTIGE. I sit on our hospital Thrombosis Advisory Panel and continue to work for improved stroke prevention through local meetings, the East of England Expert Working Group, the Arrhythmia Alliance and AF Association, and am honoured to be a judge on the prestigious Anticoagulation Achievement Awards.

Anticoagulation Awards Judge | Dr Matthew Fay

Dr Matthew Fay

Dr Fay is a GP at The Willows, Bradford, part of the Westcliffe Primary Care Partnership Group. With a special interest in cardiovascular care, Dr Fay has been a NHS National Lead for AF and advocate for exemplary innovation in the management and care of individuals and anticoagulation therapy. With extensive experience in service development, management and education of patients, Matt is champion for both primary care and patients.

Anticoagulation Awards Judge | Professor David Fitzmaurice

Professor David Fitzmaurice

Professor David Fitzmaurice is a GP and Professor of Cardiorespiratory Primary Care at The University of Warwick. He has a longstanding research interest in cardiovascular disease, in particular oral anticoagulation management. He was one of the first GPs awarded an MRC Career Scientist Award based on this research enabling him to develop as one of the primary care research leaders of today.

Anticoagulation Awards Judge | Professor Beverley Hunt

Professor Beverley Hunt

Prof Beverley Hunt is an international expert in thrombosis and is Professor of Thrombosis at Kings College and a Consultant at Guy's & St Thomas' NHS Trust. She is also a Medical Director for Thrombosis UK and a founder member of the steering group for World Thrombosis Day. She has an active research group with over 290 publications.

Anticoagulation Awards Judge | Stephane Jaglin

Stephane Jaglin

Stephane qualified as a Doctor of Pharmacy in 1994 in Nantes (France) and moved to the UK in 1998 where he worked as a community pharmacist for 14 years. He transferred to the secondary care sector in 2009 as clinical pharmacist within a treatment centre providing elective procedures in major orthopaedic surgery, general surgery, gynaecology, ENT and ophthalmology specialties. Stephane developed a particular interest in anticoagulation, especially postoperative Venous Thrombosis prevention and perioperative management of anti-thrombotic drugs. He created a thrombosis committee for the hospital of which he is the lead and is now heavily involved in the development of national policies for VTE prophylaxis and perioperative use of anti-thrombotic medicines.

Anticoagulation Awards Judge | Jo Jerrome

Jo Jerrome

Jo Jerrome is a patient advocate and a Lay member on national and local health committees including NICE, WE AHSN, research and development groups spanning thrombosis, AF, stroke and patient safety. As a carer Jo has first hand experience of the value of feeling informed and included in healthcare consultations and decision making. Jo has worked both as a volunteer and employee for third sector organisations and health partnerships. Former Deputy CEO of a coalition of charities - Arrhythmia Alliance, AF Association and STARS, Jo was appointed CEO of Thrombosis UK in April 2016.

Anticoagulation Awards Judge | Eve Knight

Eve Knight

Eve Knight is Co-Founder and Chief Executive of the leading thrombosis charity Anticoagulation UK (ACUK).

Eve has been instrumental in the foundation of the Anticoagulation Achievement Awards.

She has been a co-author of many papers and articles including:

  • EHRA paper Bleeding Risk Assessment and Management in Atrial Fibrillation Patients, a position document from the European Heart Rhythm Association.
  • Endoscopy in patients on antiplatelet or anticoagulant therapy, including direct oral anticoagulants: British Society of Gastroenterology (BSG).
  • European Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (ESGE) guidelines.
  • How Can We Avoid a Stroke Crisis.
  • Improving Care for Patients with Acute Heart Failure: before, during and after hospitalisation.
  • Point of Care Monitoring article for Hospital Healthcare Europe.

Eve is a member of many boards and steering groups including The International Self-Monitoring Association of Anticoagulated Patients (ISMAAP); AntiCoagulation in Practice; The AntiCoagulation Self Monitoring Alliance (ACSMA); Cancer associated Thrombosis in Europe; Pan London prevention of AF related stroke group.

Past involvement includes membership of the Government Modernisation Board for the NHS; The External Advisory Group for the National Service Framework for Coronary Heart Disease; The National CHD Task Force.

She is a Section Editor for the British Journal of Cardiology and the British Journal of Primary Care Nursing.

In 2014 she was presented with the ACSMA Outstanding Achievement Award for her services to Anticoagulation.

In 2015 She received The Quality in Care for Anticoagulation award for Services to Anticoagulation.

Anticoagulation Awards Judge | Joanne Loades

Joanne Loades

Joanne Loades is a cardiovascular specialist nurse who held a variety of roles within the NHS before setting up in business as an independent nurse consultant in 2010; delivering clinical, educational and consultancy services to a number of NHS, charitable and commercial organisations across the UK. As a former Clinical Lead for Education for Health, Joanne passionately believes in educating healthcare professionals to improve patient care. She is the current Chair of the Nurses and Allied Health Professionals Working Party of The British and Irish Hypertension Society and is also an Education Committee member of The European Society of Cardiology Council for Cardiovascular Nursing and Allied Professions. Joanne has authored many publications in the nursing and cardiology press both in the UK and internationally. She is currently engaged as a Clinical Associate with the National Association of Primary Care and is a Specialist Advisor to the Care Quality Commission.

Anticoagulation Awards Judge | Trudie Lobban MBE

Trudie Lobban MBE

As Founder & CEO of Arrhythmia Alliance and the AF Association I have been involved in the care and provision of improved services for people with arrhythmias and in particular atrial fibrillation (AF). AF Association is the only organisation to focus purely on the most common heart rhythm disorder and leading cause of AF-related stroke. A-A is a coalition of organisations and individuals working in partnership with healthcare professionals, patients, carers, policy makers, AHSN’s, CCG’s and service delivery.

Anticoagulation Awards Judge | Simon Noble

Simon Noble

Simon is a Clinical Professor in Palliative Medicine at Cardiff University and Honorary Consultant at the Royal Gwent Hospital in Newport. His research interests are in the management of venous thromboembolism in advanced cancer, the anti-cancer effects of heparins and the quality of life associated with VTE. Simon is involved at a national level in the delivery of evidence-based thromboprophylaxis for hospitalised patients through the All Party Parliamentary Thrombosis Group and through his work as Chair of the All Wales Hospital Acquired Thrombosis (HAT) Prevention Steering Group. He currently sits on the NICE guideline development group for prevention of VTE in hospitalized patients.

Anticoagulation Awards Judge | Huw Rowswell

Huw Rowswell

Huw is a nurse consultant in thrombosis at Plymouth Hospitals NHS trust and has worked in this field since 2009. He is involved with the identification and carrying out root cause analysis on all cases of hospital acquired thrombosis and has published outcome data showing a significant reduction in such events but also cases associated with inadequate prevention. This is achieved by using real time feedback to clinicians of such events and presenting annual data on number of thrombotic events by admitting speciality.

He is the current chair of the Clinical Leaders of Thrombosis and joint research lead for the national nursing and midwifery network part of the VTE exemplar network.

Anticoagulation Awards Judge | Simon Toh

Simon Toh

My team won the AAAwards for 'Best Work in the Prevention of Hospital Acquired Thrombosis' last year for a series of animated patient videos accessible via any smartphone. I am currently the local PI, and one of the highest recruiters, for the GAPS RCT of TEDS in surgery. I have been a Consultant Surgeon in Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust for 18years performing emergency and elective general surgery, including for oesophageal cancer, a high risk group of patients for post-op VTE.

We have been early adopters of Vitalpacs technology that provides the clinical team real-time VTE prophylaxis data to improve compliance. I have co-published over 30 papers, speak regularly at national and international surgical meetings with research interests in oesophageal cancer, reflux, and patient informatics. I direct VIMARS Portsmouth, a surgical simulation/teaching facility. I have led the Rocky Appeal Charity for the past 8yrs raising £3.4 million for keyhole robotic theatres.

Anticoagulation Awards Judge | Diane Eaton

Diane Eaton

Diane is the project manager for Anticoagulation UK which provides education, guidance and support to people requiring anticoagulation therapy.

Within this role, Diane represents ACUK at NICE as a patient advocate and is a Committee member of Anticoagulation in Practice and patient representative and member of Herts Valley CCG Patient and Public Involvement Committee.

Diane has recently joined the patient participation and engagement group at the NIHR Diagnostics Evidence Committee whose aims are to incorporate the patients and public views in generating evidence for the NHS in pursuit of the development and adoption of point of care diagnostic tests.

Diane has an inherited thrombophilia condition and has over 40 years personal experience of anticoagulation and the management of care across secondary and primary care settings. She is an advocate and campaigner encouraging shared decision making when considering treatment options and fully supports self–monitoring management for warfarin patients.

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